October 28, 2021

Atlanta’s Psycho Disco Record Label Finds Treasure in Brazil with MKJAY

House music isn’t exactly a genre associated with Atlanta. Drum, bass and trap . . . those are the sounds heard most at ATL clubs. A record label founded by DJ and producer Treasure Fingers, aims to change that reality.

( Brazilian DJ MKJAY recently signed with Atlanta’s Psycho Disco Records Photo Credit: Facebook/MKJAY)

Psycho Disco describes themselves as skewing to the left of house music from the east side of Atlanta. In addition to their bimonthly parties at Music Room ATL, the label constantly releases new music that deepens the South’s house awareness.

The latest treasure from Psycho Disco Records comes from another unlikely source of house music; Brazil.

20-year-old Brazilian DJ MKJAY dropped a two-track EP that throws it to the most classic of house music cuts.

Both singles, “Ladies” and “First Ride,” get the listener moving from start to finish.

“Ladies” sees the Brazilian DJ and producer build upon a ticking hi-hat backbone with a minimal build to set the groove for a shuffle worthy break down. MKJAY employs a mesmerizing vocal loop on “First Ride,” that opens to a myriad of elements including bongos and triangle tings.

“First Ride” currently sits in the No. 3 position on Beatport’s “Best New Tech House” chart.

Both tracks on the EP are available for free download on SoundCloud now.

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