October 28, 2021

Changing tastes could kill off EDM clubs

An estimated £200m has been wiped off the value of the UK nightclub scene in the past five years as partygoers desert the dancefloor in search of new pleasures.

More clubs closed in 2018 as people swapped thumping bass for alternative entertainment including indoor golf, trampolining and, in east London, a vegan food festival described as “the wildest plant-based party” in the capital.

“UK’s nightclubs suffer as young people seek less hedonistic pursuits”

The electronic dance music scene could not be in a better place, according to some. Others, however, believe EDM’s time in the sun is fading.

A recent article in the Guardian newspaper detailed some of the changing tastes among young people in the UK.

The report cited a study from market research company Mintel that said 11% of adults went to nightclubs at least once a month in the year to September, down from 15% two years earlier. Mintel estimates there has been a 17% drop in the value of the clubbing market since 2013.

Some entrepreneurs like Adam Breeden say this is a sign of a trend towards “kidulting.” Breedan develops kidult activities like ping pong and bingo that caters towards this new market.

Still, the estimated 17% drop in clubbing does not seem to have affected large EDM festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra.

Since 2013, Ultra Music Festival has expanded to nearly every continent. Tomorrowland, held annually in Belgium, started holding the event on two weekends, back-to-back. Untold, a Romanian EDM festival, is celebrating its fifth year this August.

Tickets to all three festivals remain a hot commodity, suggesting that young people aren’t ready to give up on EDM just yet.

EDM pioneer Paul Oakenfold told GSUTV he believes the future of electronic music is bright.

“It’s here to stay in a big way,” Oakenfold said. “It’s not going to go away. Like every music, it may drop down in terms of its popularity, but it will always be here.”

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