October 28, 2021

Ferry Corsten Brings His Storytelling Talents to Atlanta for a Night of Sci-Fi Sounds

Truly great music tells a story.

Truly great music should tell a story. It should capture both the imagination and emotion of the listener as each melody springs forth from the loud speakers.

(Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten mixes tracks behind the decks at Atlanta’s Opera nightclub. Image courtesy Ferry Corsten.)

Friday night, at Atlanta’s Opera nightclub, Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten provided an energized crowd with a blueprint of how trance albums ought to be done. He told a story.

The evening’s 3-hour soundtrack was backed by an LED lightshow that illustrated the adventures of Lukas and Vee, the protagonists of Ferry’s new album, “Blueprint;” released just in time for his Atlanta fans to experience quite a good deal of new tracks.

“Blueprint” chronicles the voyage of Lukas and Vee as the two embark on an interstellar journey wrapped in wonder, love and the unknown through the far reaches of science, space and time.

Corsten’s set was an eclectic blend of past and present.

It was not uncommon to hear people singing along to “A Thing Called Love” or “Live Forever” interspersed with their chants of Ferry! Ferry! Ferry! The DJ even incorporated a tribute to another Trance legend, Robert Miles, into the night’s mix. Miles, who died earlier this year, was a Swiss-born music producer best known for his 1995 hit, “Children.”

Ferry ended the night as he began it, drawing from his new LP. “Venera (Vee’s Theme),” played throughout the club as confetti rained down from the ornate ceilings of Opera onto outstretched hands on the dance floor.

Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella – Venera (Vee’s Theme) [Taken from BLUEPRINT]

The crowd shouted their approval. The continued chanting of, Ferry! Ferry! Ferry!, long after the music stopped lead to an impromptu meet and greet from the artist.

Ferry Corsten’s performance in Atlanta was part of a multi-city tour, promoting his fifth studio album, “Blueprint.”

Ferry collaborated with Fox television writer D. Harrington Miller on the album’s storyboard, featuring heavy references to the sci-fi genre; especially the works of authors Hugo Gernsback and H.G. Wells.

“Blueprint” is available for download on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

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