October 28, 2021

Music Monday: “One Life” by Caleb Hawley

We’re starting the week off with some new music.

“One Life” is the latest single off Caleb Hawley‘s fifth full-length album, “Sad People.”

The nearly 4-minute song carries an up-tempo beat, but don’t be fooled. Caleb’s lyrics are both introspective and observational. Listening to the “One Life,” you get the feeling that the New York-based singer-songwriter is talking about himself.

“Went off to New York City with stars in your eyes thinking that everything was coming your way. But all the other kids were doing the same. They got the memo they could be anything,” the Minneapolis, Minnesota-native sings.

Caleb ultimately concludes that even though reality is a bit different than what his mother promised (She said he could rule the world), he’s got to move on because he’s only got one life to live.

“’One Life’ is me trying to turn a million negative thoughts into something positive,” Hawley says.

Caleb Hawley produced “One Life” and the rest of his album in his 5×10 storage-unit-turned-studio, where he works alongside a black market DVD burning entrepreneur named Fred.

The album, “Sad People,” comes out April 12.

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