January 25, 2022

Music Monday, “The Hardest Part” by Ørjan Nilsen featuring Rykka

. . . great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex, and sex disguised as love . . .

-Lester Bangs from the 2000 motion picture “Almost Famous”

Ørjan Nilsen, the DJ from Norway behind popular trance tracks like “Violetta” and “The Late Anthem,” released a new single that explores the conflict between happiness and sadness.

“The Hardest Part” opens with sixteen words.

I love it when you’re right here with me . . . Your hands will start my heart beating . . .

These sixteen words are quickly countered by Canadian-born vocalist Rykka declaring, “When you fade on my heart, that’s the hardest part.”

It’s so simple. Love is so simple. Yet, it is so conflicting and complicated too. “The Hardest Part” combines a steady beat and melody with good vocals to illustrate that conflict through sound. Nilsen’s new track premiered on A State of Trance, the weekly radio show hosted by Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren, as the Tune of the Week.

Ørjan Nilsen just turned 35 in June. He’s celebrating another trip around the sun with new tunes and performances on the world’s biggest stages.

The Norwegian DJ is set to release his third artist album later this year. “Iconic,” the first single from Nilsen’s new LP, placed in the top 25 Tunes of The Year by Armin van Buuren in 2016. Nilsen is also slated to appear at Ultra Europe and, for the eight consecutive year, Tomorrowland.

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