October 28, 2021

Swedish Singer Marlene Oak Shows Soul

Music should emotionally connect with the listener, or else it’s just noise.

“Come Home,” the new single from Swedish singer Marlene Oak, does just that. It connects. It captures so many feelings, and Marlene’s powerful voice helps bring those feelings out from deep within our collective souls.

The singer-songwriter who grew up on a small island outside Stockholm describes her latest work as a story about a lifetime of seeking for that one soul that you’ve always been longing for.

“It can be frustrating and sometimes painful to wait for that person. But once you’ve found each other, it’ll feel like coming home,” Marlene Oak said. “When you find that missing part, it will make everything feel complete. The song is also about the flip side to loving someone that deeply.”

“Come Home” is the first single off Marlene Oak’s EP, “Silver Moon. » « Silver Moon » was released on February 15.

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