December 2, 2021

Troi Irons keeps it real with new single “Lost Angels”

Photo Credit: Jessica Lehrman

If singer-songwriter Troi Irons could be defined with a single word, it would be “lost.”

The edgy rock musician from Los Angeles said, in an interview with Ones to Watch, that her earliest memories were “of feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere.”

She talks about struggling with record executives confused about her sound, and trying to fit her into one neat box or another.

“It was old people in suits looking at me like, what is it? Is it Tracy Chapman or is it Rihanna? And I’m like, it’s neither—it’s Troi,” she told A Beautiful Perspective. “Just put me on tour and the people will tell you. … People understand it, ’cause we’re here out living, not thinking in numbers.”

Now, the 25-year-old daughter of drummer Eddie Irons and singer-songwriter Anne G. continues her embrace of not fitting in.

Her Twitter bio reads, “Lost. Are you?”

“Lost Angels,” the title track off Irons’ debut album, serves as a perfect follow-up to her earlier single, “Strangers.”

Troi describes her new song as a “signal flare for every alienated person in the middle of it all, who sees the bullshit and is not at home in this weird world.”

“If you’re always on your own, you don’t ever feel at home. You just might be one of us, one of us,” the tune’s chorus declares. “So your dad’s a millionaire, you’re still broken, I don’t care. You just might be one of us, one of us.”

The Los Angeles-native is right. People do understand it.

“Lost Angels” is out on iTunes, Spotify and other platforms. Click here to listen or buy.

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